As Life Evolves, So Too Will Your Real Estate Needs

Alan J. DiStasio  |  July 26, 2022

Real Estate Guidance

As Life Evolves, So Too Will Your Real Estate Needs

The many stages of life provide opportunities to reevaluate your current housing needs and goals. Whether the first-time home-buying couple, the growing family, or the aging "empty nesters," sound real estate decisions are critical during each stage in life.  

As a new couple begins their life together, the decision to buy a home will be based primarily on their purchasing capacity…finding a home they can afford will help build a financial future for the couple. Often, this first purchase will not be their "dream" home. Once pets and children enter the scene, new needs will be considered, primarily whether their first home is ideally suited to a growing family.

Our sons and their wives recently went through this process. They both determined that they had outgrown their small two-bedroom condos related to pregnancy, pets, and working from home. Fortunately, they were able to purchase larger homes that could accommodate their growing needs. As of this writing, our oldest son and wife welcomed their daughter in early July, and our youngest son and his wife expect their firstborn at the end of July (also a daughter). What an amazing, exciting time for our family.

Later in life, there are other considerations homeowners may want to address. Relocating closer to children that moved away, physical health challenges, the desire to "live with less," or perhaps the desire to move to an area more aligned with your current lifestyle. All this and more provide opportunities to reevaluate housing needs. In 2011, Susan and I reconsidered our housing needs, as we no longer desired to maintain a three-level, four-bedroom house on 2.5 acres. We found a three-bedroom townhouse that met our needs and goals. We can comfortably host our sons and wives while eliminating the need to deal with a lawn and other exterior upkeep and maintenance. We'd rather spend our downtime cycling or hiking.

Is this the end of our real estate journey? Perhaps, perhaps not! Life changes constantly happen, especially when least expected.

Typically, significant change will create discomfort and added stress. That's when advice from an experienced real estate professional can help smooth the way as you search for the home that meets your new needs.

Embrace the journey!

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